What you need to have this Navratri in your wardrobe

Navratri is a vibrant and colorful festival celebrated with great enthusiasm in India. Here are some wardrobe essentials you might want to consider for this festive occasion:

  1. Chaniya Choli: This traditional attire consists of a flared skirt (chaniya), a blouse (choli), and a dupatta. Opt for bright colors like red, green, yellow, or orange, which are commonly associated with Navratri.
  2. Dupattas: Dupattas are an integral part of traditional Indian attire. Choose dupattas with intricate embroidery, mirror work, or traditional prints to add a festive touch to your outfit.
  3. Accessories: Accessorize your outfit with traditional jewelry such as oxidized silver jewelry, kundan sets, or temple jewelry. Bangle sets, earrings, maang tikka, and nose rings can elevate your look.
  4. Footwear: Comfortable yet stylish footwear is essential for dancing during Navratri. Opt for mojdis, juttis, or embellished sandals that complement your outfit.
  5. Hairstyles: Experiment with different hairstyles such as braids, bun hairstyles adorned with flowers, or traditional hair accessories like hairpins and hairbands.
  6. Makeup: Go for a festive makeup look with bold eye makeup, winged eyeliner, and bright lip colors. Don’t forget to apply a long-lasting makeup base to keep your look intact throughout the festivities.
  7. Garba sticks (Dandiya): If you’re participating in Garba or Dandiya Raas, don’t forget to carry your Garba sticks. You can find decorative and colorful sticks that add to the festive spirit.
  8. Comfortable outfits for day and night: Navratri celebrations can last for several hours, so make sure to wear comfortable outfits that allow you to dance and move freely. You might need different outfits for daytime and nighttime events.

Remember, Navratri is all about celebrating joyously, so wear what makes you feel confident and festive!