Fabric Block Printing DIY at home

Fabric Block Printing DIY at home

What is block printing on fabric?

Woodblock printing of materials alludes to the material printing method of printing designs on texture with cut wooden blocks. It is the most seasoned material printing strategy and the simplest. As right on time as the fourteenth century, Indians have been block printing and in China significantly prior. Block printing should have begun in China.

The majority of the themes utilized in Indian block printing for a considerable length of time are as yet well known today, similar to the creepy crawly leaf prints. However, what I completely revere are some truly cool prints that look conventional and simultaneously current – yet taking a gander at the prints it isn’t so incomprehensible. Cycles, phones, vehicles, elephants-and so on they have made a print out of it and all look completely staggering.

The cycle followed by proficient craftsmen who practice the block imprinting in Indian towns is long and complex. Additionally, It includes high aptitude and hard work and gives immaculate many-sided structures. The gifted craftsmen who practice block printing are in their very own class. In the first place, They utilize uniquely made unpredictably planned Sheesham wood ( Indian Teak) obstructs for printing. Long tables are spread out and secured with material and the texture extended on it. Obviously, vegetable colors and synthetic colors utilized to make the plans.


In this post, I will diagram a cycle that gives you basic block printing utilizing fixings you have at home.

Materials required for block printing at home –

  • Wooden block or stamp or DIY homemade block
  • Look at this post on DIY Fabric stamps for certain plans to make one of your own other than the thoughts given in this post
  • Texture
  • Acrylic paint or Fabric paint or color ( fiber responsive colors)
  • A texture medium on the off chance that you need to weaken acrylic paint
  • Little bowl for the paint
  • Paper towels/wipe
  • An enormous cardboard

Equally important, Prior Block printing is done distinctly in hues like indigo, green, mustard yellow yet these days it is done in all hues. You should purchase texture paint in the ideal hues and guarantee it is launderable after it is set.

Correspondingly, the image beneath shows wooden blocks utilized in block printing-there is such wooden blocks with complicated plans just as basic structures.

Wooden block printing

Step by step instructions to make the block for imprinting on fabric –

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  • Generally, first drawing the plan on a paper and using that paper make a wooden block. This plan set on a hardwood piece and utilizing nails the structure set apart on a superficial level. In the wake of eliminating the paper, the undesirable regions are taken out from the wooden surface forgetting about the structure anticipating. Handblock printing is finished by applying color on the outside of the help made so. You should make various blocks for imprinting in various hues.
  • You can make the blocks with anything. Simply glance around and use things around you. A couple of dice, cardboard pieces cut into shapes, felt stencil pieces all fit printing. Heated glue the items to a bit of cardboard so you have a grip to print. An acrylic sheet likewise makes a decent sponsorship board for the stamps.
  • By the same token, You can use vegetables and fruits. A potato can carve into any design to use for block printing.

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Conclusion –

Besides potatoes, you can also use many other DIY vegetables like onion, brinjals, ladyfinger, and other veggies available at home for your DIY hand block printing. Apart from this, try to create stencils at home as well. This is a fun and interesting activity to try during these lockdown days.

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