Uppada silk sarees 

Uppada silk sarees from Andhra Pradesh

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Uppada Silk

Uppada Silk is named after a little shoreline town of Uppada in East Godavari area of Andhra Pradesh, India. Otherwise called Uppada Pattu (Silk in Telugu), Uppada Silk sarees are produced using the deep-rooted Jamdani strategy.

Known for one of kind structures in them, Uppada sarees are normally made with a Cotton twist. Utilizing just non-mechanical procedures, Uppada Silk sarees are characterized by the length and expansiveness tally of strings. The craftsman likewise utilize a great deal of zari work in the wonderful structures of Uppada Silk sarees.


Origin and History

To comprehend the historical backdrop of Uppada Silk, one needs to initially follow the adventure of the Jamdani weaving procedure. After a decrease in the nineteenth century because of the modern unrest in England, Jamdani saw a moderate resurgence in the twentieth century.

From that point, the strategy of Jamdani was presented in Uppada in the year 1988 where it fused structures which were firmly related to Andhra Pradesh. This prompted the introduction of another plan range called the Uppada Silk sarees. Anyway despite everything it took around ten years for the Uppada Silk sarees to get the due acknowledgment and notoriety.


The Making of Uppada Silk

The length tally of strings is 100 and the broadness include is 100 in the weaving procedure of Uppada Silk sarees.

Jamdani made in Uppada has two weavers taking a shot at a solitary loom and weaving fragile and delightful plans on the texture by zari work. Since this is workmanship drilled exclusively by hands, it takes two careful months before a heavenly bit of work is done.

Reproducing a Jamdani weaving procedure was very troublesome in the underlying stage, in light of the fact that to acclimate the weavers with the complex abilities of hand-weaving took a great deal of time. Presently the weaving network obtains the plans and crude materials and makes Jamdani Uppada Silk sarees at their places.

With the superb look and lightweight, Uppada Silk sarees are among the more costly assortments of Silk sarees at Artisan Glory.


The normal value scope of Uppada Silk sarees is between Rs. 5000/ – and Rs. 20000/ – .


Wearing the Attire

Given the expense of the sarees, Uppada Silk sarees are utilized primarily during events of weddings, celebrations and formal social affairs.

They are normally light in weight and can be worn easily consistently.


Worldwide Appeal

Uppada Silk sarees are held in incredible regard the world over and are viewed as one of the principal supporters of India’s material annals. Actually, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London brag of a fabulous accumulation of Jamdanis including Uppada Silk sarees. Mr. Ghanshyam Sarode, the pioneer of this workmanship, has conveyed the scope of Uppada Silk sarees abroad on various events to the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and Korea.


Maintaining The Opada Silk Sarees

The suggestion for Uppada Silk sarees is that just because, just cleaning ought to be finished. The second time onwards, a gentle cleanser can be utilized. They ought to never be dried under direct daylight.