Swadeshi Karigars And Their Works

Swadeshi Karigars And Their Works

If you have somehow traveled from one corner of our nation. Then on the next one, you will see a secret sequence of expressions and artifacts.

Occupied hands in the provincial stretches of our country work day and night in making lovely magnum opuses. Huge numbers of these products were concealed diamonds in the niches and corners of towns, just creation visitor appearances at presentations. Furthermore, the couple of individuals who went on vacation to wander into the open country. They discovered significant merchandise that they could convey home. However, times are changing – and they are improving. Little craftsmen and skilled workers are advancing into bigger business sectors because of a way cleared by us.

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How does Artisan Glory work with Swadeshi Karigars?

  • Talented people from various pieces of the nation are developing gratitude to the strengthening of web-based business. They have set up a stage particularly for carefully assembled and handcrafted items called Karigars at Artisan Glory.
  • The night before National Handloom Day is completely fit to dispatch Karigars at Artisan Glory’s continued endeavors to add to the administration’s ‘Make in India’ activity.
  • Through the Artisan Program, we are engaging with the government and craftsmanship bodies across the country. Are preparing skilled workers to understand web-based sales and empower them to offer a wider customer base.
  • We have confidence in working in reverse from the client and enhancing for their sake, and accordingly, Karigars at Artisan Glory offers an unparalleled and true choice of handloom and workmanship items for people to browse.
  • It is noteworthy to take note of that the normal deals of weavers on Karigars at Artisan Glory has expanded by leaps and bounds.
  • After some time, we want to expand our merchant base and determination. Thereby skilled workers and customers together to help the artistic expression of profiteering neighborhoods.
Swadeshi Karigars

Swadeshi Karigars

What do we offer?

  • Clients can peruse through an assortment of khadi kurtas, Kantha weaved textures, bamboo and stick items from Northeast India, Jaipur’s blue earthenware, metal dolls sourced from Aligarh, and even Odisha handloom sarees with Sambalpuri weaves that have a foundation saturated with folklore and enchantment.
  • Odisha Handloom is doing something amazing too. The accomplishment of this business with more than 500 items online lies in the way that they have made new positions open doors for more than 50 families.
  • Numerous craftsmen from around the nation guaranteed that they couldn’t sell their products. Get them to a spot where clients could buy them.
  • Because of Karigars at Artisan Glory, they are currently ready to sell their merchandise. And have them conveyed without venturing out from home.
  • The presentation has freed them up to a more prominent interest and higher gainfulness. Ladies of the Santhal Tribe are currently bringing in additional cash on account of Kantha weaving. While craftsmen of the Gond Community are procuring employment by making metal icons and dolls.

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