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Trending Med School Interview Attire

So when you get to know that you have been selected for medical school interview, your first thoughts are – woooaa! You never expected this to be true. The second thought comes to you is – is this really true? And then you rush to check your name on the list. And when finally this reality sinks in, you immediately think of how to style your med school interview attire! Well, that is a little tough portion.

Often at times, the candidates get confused and perplexed on how to dress for an interview – be it any. They are not sure of what to wear and what not to wear. They end up making a weird choice by selecting the wrong med school interview attire. This messes up their entire interview even if they are well prepared for it. As said always, “the first impression is the last impression”, they fail to create that first impression and magic or they fail to leave their charm on the interviewer.

How to avoid this blunder of fashion faux pas and how to dress correctly according to the interview is what you need to learn.

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What to wear for your med school interview?

When it comes to basic interview attire, the thumb rule is that you’ve got to be dressed up all in formals. When it comes to your college interview, you can dress up in semi-formal or semi-casuals. And now you do not have to mess up your med school interview attire.

Here are some basic tips that will guide you on selecting your interview attire:

Suits – Suits are ever classic styles for any of your interview. You can never go wrong with a set of a formal suit. This includes a pair of formal trousers/pants, crisply ironed white or nude coloured shirt and a coat on it.

your interview attire

Your Interview Attire

This is one such dress code that you can blindly trust on. Wear it a number of times and you will always rock your interview. You can opt for various colours of coat-suit like black (being your go-to colour in formals), navy blue (again always correct to opt for), nude pink, beige (here you can change the colour of your trousers or your coat. You can also style up your coat in khadi cotton. It gives such a rich and classy look.

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Pencil skirt – This is the second-best option for your med school interview attire. Again with this one, you will always rock your interview. A knee-length skirt teamed up with a shirt, looks the best formal attire. You can also opt for a basic plain coat for an all the way classic formal look. Style up your dress with a tote bag and flat bellies or heels. Avoid wearing blingy heels. This is your med interview attire and not your dinner date with your friends.

Pencil skirt

Pencil Skirt

A cotton suit – A nice solid coloured cotton suit looks the best for all your interview. Khadi cotton gives that perfect formal look. Opt for any plain khadi cotton Kurti teamed up with a pair of formal pants of the same colour or maybe different.

You can also style your cotton suit with a stole and a tote bag. Avoid floral prints for your interview day. A plain solid coloured khaki or linen-cotton suit looks the best for your med school interview. Get yours now from

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Flared pants with a plain shirt – Now if you are not willing to wear or spend thousands on buying peculiar formal wear (a coat suit), then you can opt for plain flared pants with a nice satin top. The top can style in different ways. You can also opt for a plain or striped shirt instead of a satin shirt. If you are wearing any light coloured pants then always style your top in a little dark or contrast shade. For instance, if your pants are n nude pink or beige colour, then your top/short should be any dark colour like black, blue, green etc.

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You can buy your pants from

These are some basic styling tips for your formals, especially your school interview attire. Do not spoil your dress by wearing denim or casuals with boots. That is a complete no-no. These styling tips are not only formed school attire but also can use for any of your interviews.

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