How would you be able to manage an old saree? A LOT! For one thing, it is harmless to the ecosystem and besides pocket-accommodating as well. What’s more, you can change these old sarees into ethnic wear, yet in addition plan some lovely and stylish looking combination wear. Indeed, combination, contemporary or bohemian—whatever you call it, is so ‘in’ at this moment. Also, when you can do everything with old sarees at home and save money on the expense of the texture what difference would it make?

The following time that your mom or grandma chooses to discard their old sarees, stop them… for we have some wonderful manners by which you can restore and yet again use them. The following are 5 such ways to reuse old silk sarees.

  1. Changing the Old Sarees to New Sarees

You can really change the old sarees so that exactly the same sarees can be made to look like new sarees. A couple of means by which you can do that are:

  1. A) If the harmed line is the explanation that you’ve quit utilizing the saree change the saree by eliminating old boundaries and adding new lines like Kundan, zardozi, and so forth
  2. B) If all things considered, the boundary of the old saree is great and the saree is worn out, plan another saree by adding the old line to another texture like chanderi or Kota silk.
  3. C) Block printing old plain sarees can transform them into fresh-out-of-the-box new, flawlessly planned sarees.
  4. Anarkalis

Change your old sarees into long and stunning anarkalis. With sarees being of the length of an entire six to seven yards, it is not difficult to make a story-length Anarkali out of it. What’s more, f you’re considering how you can change old Kanjeevarams into Anarkali, investigate this sparkly and dazzling anarkalis made from kanjeevaram silk material.

  1. Kurtis

Assuming Kurtis is your go-to dress, make Kurtis out of the old sarees that have been lying unused. Get imaginative while making the Kurti adding a texture to a great extent and doing a touch of planning so it looks contemporary. You can even utilize your old kanjeevarams to make excellent, bubbly Kurtis and different sarees to simplify Kurtis.

  1. You Can Just Change An Old Saree Into A New Saree

Assuming there is that one exceptional saree with frayed pallu or marginally torn edges, you don’t need to dispose of it. As a rule, the most harm for the old pattu and silk sarees is in the boundary. In this way, either at home or with the assistance of a designer, rip off the pattu line and line it up with another Kundan work, sequin, or zari-based fix work line. Add a few tufts or pom poms to the pallu. Reusing old sarees is no advanced science all things considered.

  1. Saree Dress

Dresses that are made from Kanjeevaram silk fabric or some other handwoven silk-like chanderi or bananas are for the most part the fury now, in India as well as all through the world. So feel free to make a saree dress out of the relative multitude of old sarees that you planned to discard. You can make a skater dress, a conventional dress, a party gown, or a maxi dress out of these sarees. Here is a lovely assortment of saree dresses to give you thoughts. Feel free to get innovative!

Making skirts is maybe the simplest method for resuscitating old sarees while as yet holding all their appeal and excellence. Long flowy skirts are the best approach however you can likewise feel free to check short skirts out. Some delightfully ethnic skirts can be made from silks whereas standard sarees can likewise be utilized to make some truly lovely short or long skirts.