Ways to drape cotton silk sarees

Easiest Way To Wear Cotton Silk Saree


The customs that are profoundly established in our way of life talk about an existence where saree was obligatory to wear for the ladies people of the states. Indeed, even before the British came in and settled, our customs have been set where the way of life pursued their conventional look. For the westerners, it was a suit and a gasp with an outfit and a cap and here it was Dhoti and sarees.

It is as yet astounding to know even today after such a large number of long stretches of modernization, we still prefer and love to drape saris on various occasions. There is no doubt that sari is the most loved and graceful attire. There are ways to carry and drape this attire.

Today in this article we will discuss how to appropriately fold over a cotton saree and to how to take care of your saree.

We realize you cherish sarees! This post covers not simply significant pointers on the most proficient method to wear saree yet additionally discusses diverse saree wearing styles that you’d love to give it a shot! We begin directly from how to attach a saree to how to wear saree for a wedding or any festive occasion! With Rakhi approaching, you can surely find ways to drape a cotton saree with the utmost ease.

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Presently before you wear a saree ensure you have a lot of time to modify the coordinating shirt that you would wear alongside it. Sari has two closest companions, the pullover and the slip which on a typical day would be a prerequisite while wearing a saree. You may go sans the slip if the sari is thick and hazy enough, however without a pullover, it is typically not prudent. The thing with saree is, you don’t need to go for a similar pullover shading and can explore different avenues regarding blend and matches.


Begin by wearing your pullover and after that protected the slip from the midsection. Pick a good position just underneath your navel to tie the band. On the off chance that you are settling on low midriff sarees, which arrives in an unexpected class in comparison to the ordinary ones, ensure the underskirt is tied around your hip supports. In light of the saree, you may pick an open back shirt or planned with cuts.


Start by opening the saree completely and after that take the finish of the saree and hold it on a level plane. Presently around the lines of your tied underskirt, midways somewhat ideal to your navel tie the remaining detail of the saree and begin folding it over your midsection. Take just one hover of wrapping so now your slip is completely secured with the saree. Toward the finish of the wrapping, the saree ought to be well concealing your slip from the underneath as well. The remaining detail of the saree will leave your left at this point.

When the primary wrap is done, take care of the saree with the underskirt, in any event, the front safely to acquire the look. Presently we further with our saree. When you are finished taking care of, you would see a mass of fabric from the sari falling directly before your feet. Lift that up and begin creasing it in a composed manner. Ensure the creases go right to the finish of the saree where your feet are. Take help from somebody to try and out the crease or help with the creasing. There ought to be around 4 to 6 creases of around 5 inches or something like that. When the crease is made, cautiously fold the whole structure into your front slip.


Presently the rest of the piece behind you should be brought to the front and hung askew over your body to frame the pallu of the saree. Frequently the pallu is sans left to cover the midriff and stomach and on different occasions, you can utilize the creases in the pallu and after that stick it with your shirt/blouse.