How would you keep yourself warm at a colder time of year wedding? Cloaks or silk dupattas? A few of us think that they are bulky to deal with. A sweater? A large portion of us wouldn’t fantasize about blending our delightful Indian outfits with one.

The coat, then, at that point, is your new best bud!

In any case, when you consider Jackets and Indian weddings, it’s difficult to evoke pictures of outfits that will look perfect without forfeiting warmth. Which is the reason we meticulously searched through a long time of style week, design blog, style architects, and winter wedding photographs to bring to you: The Ultimate Guide of How to Wear Jackets at Indian Winter Weddings!

  1. Coat-style velvet coat with velvet lehenga!

These work best assuming that the whole gathering is in a similar shading range since then the coat resembles a piece of the entire outfit.

  1. Western Jackets

You can utilize formal coats, overcoats, and aircraft coats that are as of now in your closet to think of these Indo-western winter wedding styles –

  1. Coat with Sari

Overcoats and weaved long coats – both work! Pair them with a Banarsi silk sari to remain beautifully warm. You can try different things with various pallu hanging styles to sort out what looks best.

  1. Coat With Pants

There are countless various types of outfit mixes you can make – with straight-cut jeans, cigarette pants, or even shararas.

ProTip: To remain super comfortable, you can slip on a full or half-sleeve warm under the majority of these outfits.