Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diwali Decoration Ideas For A Shining Home

Along with the preparations for Diwali, the cleanliness and decoration of the house also start. Earlier, in the time where women used to decorate their houses with lamps and rangoli, in today’s time, a lot of decorating options have become available. With this, you can decorate the house according to your size and budget. So let us know such ways, through which you can make the best decoration of your home on this Diwali. Here are some Diwali Decoration Ideas For A Shining Home:

Diwali Decoration Ideas For A Shining Home

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The delightful time of year has finally arrived. Diwali is a time of cleanliness and decoration of the house. Diwali is actually that time of the year in which we leave our evils and focus on the good and I also bring out the beauty of our home. Every year, you traditionally use traditional lamps to decorate and illuminate the house. This year, while you are still figuring out ways to make impressive Diwali decorations that will make your festive lights more beautiful than ever, here are some ideas for decorating your home for Diwali:

1. Paper Lampshades

Paper Lampshades

Paper Lampshades

By using color and style in your decoration with decorative paper, you can make a very attractive paper lamp. In Diwali special attention is paid to the decoration of every corner of the house. The entrance is the most important. You can decorate the entrance with different types of archways. Flowers, leaves, and colorful paper archways are beautiful and considered auspicious for the house.

2. Glass Jar Lanterns

Glass Jar Lantern

Glass Jar Lanterns

Often people throw glass jars as useless. But here we can use the glass jar in a creative way. You can color in a variety of jars and make Moroccan style lanterns or lamps for Diwali decoration.

3. Diyas And Candles

Diyas and Candles

Diyas And Candles

In the festival of Diwali, Diyas are traditionally used to illuminate homes. On Diwali, people use lamps, candles, and illuminate their homes. Going traditional and old school can not only bring us closer to our roots but can also be healthy for our bodies.

4. Creative Rangolis

Creative Rangoli

Creative Rangoli

Rangoli is made with flowers or Rangoli powder. To add uniqueness to it, you can use Diwali designer Diyas and make them beautiful by using clay handicrafts to enhance traditional Diwali decorations and enhance beauty.

5. Paper Cup lightings

Paper Cup lightings

Paper Cup lightings

You all must have decorated this paper cup in your school’s classroom decoration and yes this hack is one of the easiest to enhance the beauty of your room. Paper cups can be one of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas to illuminate the corners of a home. A unique decorative element for Diwali is painting and decorating by cutting into floral shapes and making a chain by putting small bulbs in it.

6. Flower Decoration



Flowers are an essential part of Diwali decoration ideas and you cannot skip these ticks as there is nothing more than the beauty of fresh colored flowers. You can make a colorful flower rangoli. When it comes to flower decoration, you can create a long arch for your home which will further enhance the decoration of your home.

7. Colorful Cushions

Colorful Cushions

Colorful Cushions

Choose a classic design of cushions and decorate your sofa with colorful cushions that can enhance the overall look of your room with less effort.

8. Diwali Torans


Diwali torans or wall hanging items are not only decorative but are also auspicious elements for the home. You can use Lord Ganesha’s wall hanging and auspicious benefits. You can make pylons using recycled items. Diwali Toran can create authentic Diwali charm.

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