Keep these 5 things in mind while wearing a silk saree

While Wearing a Silk Saree Keep These 5 Things in Mind

Sarees are a dress worn by Indian women, originating in India and mainly worn by all women in India. Being the indigenous dress of India, it has been worn traditionally many times outside the country as well. Today, saris come in many types of clothes and they are worn in many different ways. Today we talk about how to wear silk saree? Sarees are very easy to wear and look good on all women.

When it comes to silk sarees, there is talk of the class. Many people have trouble with silk saris that it is very difficult to handle. But if the silk saree is styled properly then its grace is perfect. It also gives you an attractive look. So let’s know the best and easy ways to wear silk saree.

Pure Khadi Silk Saree

Choose the Right Color

The selection of a silk sari is the biggest task. First, you choose the right color saree according to your complexion. You should always choose a silk saree according to your complex and spot. This is because silk has a slight shine and at times it also looks flakier. If you have dark shades or gradient style, then use it for an evening function. If there is a red or blue color that is slightly bright, then it can also be used for daytime function. Apart from this, one can wear light-colored silk saree for day function.

Choose the Right Matching Blouse

It is wrong to wear no blouse on a silk sari. The biggest thing is that silk saree is shining. And if the blouse faded on it, it can spoil your look a lot. Embroidered blouses can be worn for any function. If you do not wear such a blouse and prefer to wear a plain, keep in mind that plain cotton may look a little faded. For this, brocade or some patterned designer blouse can be used.

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Sari Style Tips To Look Glamorous

It takes a lot of effort to wear a silk sari properly. The first is that more safety pins should not be used. It is better to use one or two sari pins. They will handle the plates. Press the silk saree properly. If you feel that you will not be able to do it properly then get it done from outside. Now give your draping style a little look. You will find many trendy looks and styles of styling Pallu on YouTube. Always use small pins to pin up the pallu of the sari. You can also use some trendy designer pins if you want. The length of the Pallu helps to make your look special. Neither keeps the Pallu too long nor too short. Always keep the Pallu around the knees Which will give you the perfect look.

It is necessary to wear a matching blouse and petticoat with a sari, but this does not mean that you keep matching everything. Do not make the mistake of applying eyeshadow or lipstick matching. Bangles and earrings look more effective with saris. You can use an antique but lighter set for yourself so that it doesn’t look too garish.

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